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Shop - All Natural Energy Bars

Bara Brith

Tastes like Orange & Tea
Inspired by Snowdonia
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An opened Outdoor Provisions Cherry Bakewell All Natural Energy Bar ready to be eaten

Cherry Bakewell

Tastes like Cherry & Almond
Inspired by the Peak District
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Outdoor Provisions Choc Kendal Mint All Natural Energy Bar in someones hand

Choc Kendal Mint Cake

Tastes like Mint & Cocoa
Inspired by the Lake District
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Outdoor Provisions Parkin flavour


Tastes like Treacle & Ginger
Inspired by The Yorkshire Dales
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Outdoor Provisions make energy foods for fresh-air-heads. Our first provision is a range of all natural energy bars with compostable wrappers and flavours inspired by UK national parks. Each one is vegan, contains no refined sugar and delivers a balanced energy release - dependable, portable and tasty.


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Giving you a balanced release of all natural energy.

Read about our nutritional information

Compostable wrappers and 100% recyclable packaging

Packaging made from entirely compostable materials.

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The orange outdoor provisions flag with the raptor logo flys majestically against a blue sky
2 months ago
Notes On Provision

O.P. is GO

How Outdoor Provisions came to be & the development of all-natural energy bars
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Taking a breather with a new friend, Pete from Adventure Pedlars, pointing out where we're supposed to be finding a place to sleep that day.
2 months ago
Trip Report

Jennride 2019

Outdoor Provisions natural energy bar testing on a bikepacking trip in the Lake District at Jennride 2019
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Ali Phillips is a fresh-air-head
Posted today
Fresh Air Head

Ali Phillips is a fresh-air-head

Cold water swimming in the Lakes
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