Energy snacks for outdoor enthusiasts

Energy bars that actually taste nice

→ A highly portable energy snack for responsible outdoor enthusiasts

→ Real food ingredients that hit the spot and give a balanced and dependable energy release

→ Texture designed for eating on the move and tastiness you wouldn't expect from an energy bar

nut butter: the ultimate utility snack

→ The real food energy snack you've been craving on longer, lower intensity endeavours

→.Calorie dense, slow releasing energy from the good fats found in nuts

→ Highly versatile snack you can look forward to on it own, with fruit or stirred into porridge

More fresh air, less faff

No-nonsense Snackscriptions

Delivered to your door, so you're never with out.

Nut Butter Jars

Our compostable nut butter sachets were made for portability. But when the nut butter tastes so good and works so well that you want it off the hill too, something a bit bigger is needed.

Introducing our iconic utility snack in jar form.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I have tried a lot of food to fuel my rides. My search is over. Great tasting, easy to digest and the wrapper is simple to open on the move. And it’s biodegradable. I’ve subscribed to monthly deliveries.
— Andrew [on Trustpilot]
Customer reviews
I love these energy bars. Tasty flavours, swift delivery, good ethical principles - great support for the campaign to prevent raptor persecution. Will always be my go to snack bars when I’m out walking.
— G. Wilson [on Trustpilot]
Customer reviews
Bought the starter pack and loved them all, some more than others. Took them on a fantastic hike into Knoydart and they helped boost my energy levels. And I was able to compost the wrapping when I got home 😁
— Allison Robertson [on Trustpilot]
Customer reviews

The nut butters and bars are out of this world, but all of that with biodegradable packaging and some intensely cool ventures into lowering waste and being better for the environment, yes please?
— Alice Clews-Smith [on Trustpilot]