5 reasons outdoor enthusiasts love our energy bars

The things that give us our dependable / portable / tasty rep

Words & images by Outdoor Provisions

We don't need any reminders of why it super important to always be snacking when we're out practiscing our favourite pursuits. We make energy snacks for outdoor enthusiasts because we know there can be no enthusiasm without energy.

Here's 5 reason why the all natural energy bars we make here at Outdoor Provisions should be your go to choice.

1: Taste

Something we pride ourselves on (backed up by 800+ 5* reviews on Trustpilot) is how tasty our energy bars are. Our unique flavour combos are inspired by foods we associate to the places we love to adventure in.

Cherry Bakewell from the Peak District, Orange & Tea is an homage to Bara Brith from Snowdonia and our Ginger & Date flavour tastes just like Parkin, a treacly cake found in the Yorkshire Dales. Taste first, always.

2: Compact

The whole point of an energy snack for outdoor enthusiasts is portability. We’ve got the right balance of firm but chewy texture and size - so that you can slip an OP bar in your pocket, bike bag or rucksack but not worry about it being a crumbled melted mess when you need it.

3: All natural (Read: easy on your tummy)

Our energy bars will always be 100% plant based and made here in the UK using no refined sugars, palm oil or anything synthetic. That's a level of quality we'll always stick too.

It means your taking real food on your adventures - which we believe is what makes your body feel and perform how it should. It’s our minimal and recognisable ingredient lists that that make our energy bars easy to consume on the move and kind to your tummy - gastric distress can do one!

“At last‚ an energy bar which isn't excessively sweet and doesn't feel like you're trying to bite through a slice of car tyre.”


4. Balanced energy release

Energy spikes and dips are the enemy of outdoor enthusiasts. They can ruin your day or at worst, get you into difficultly. You get them from eating things that are high in refined sugars and not replenishing your energy levels with the right kind of calories.

On a macro nutrient level our bars have a good blend of carbohydrate, protein and fats to deliver a sustained release of energy. Each bar contains 24-26g of carbohydrates - your primary source of energy that restores your glycogen reserves as you go.

If you're into longer or multi-day adventures you're body will need more protein and (good) fats - check out our nut butters for that!

5. Compostable packaging

Lastly, it's the thing we’re most proud of. Energy snacks wrapped in plastic, destined for landfill, just didn’t make sense to us. We developed our own home -compostable packaging made from cellulose and a ultra-thin layer of aluminium (here’s a vid of it composting) meaning our energy bar wrappers are actually plastic free!

You can add them to your green/food/garden waste bin or well maintained compost heap and they’ll breakdown fully over 4-8 months. Cool huh?

“These bars are fantastic. Balancing the tightrope of packing in the good stuff with great flavour and edible texture on the move.”