A year with dumgoyne

12 months of changing conditions in the Campsie fells

Words & images by Will Beresford

If someone was to ask me what my favourite hill in Scotland is they might well expect the answer to be The Cobbler, Ben Lomond or Stob Binnien. Something impressive, probably a Munro. But no, actually, my favourite hill is Dumgoyne.

This lovely lump in the Campsie Hills is located just North of Glasgow and can be seen from most points in the city. Most Glaswegians will know what and where it is, even if they haven’t climbed it.

Over the years Dumgoyne has become my go to hill for morning or post work runs. It’s rugged and steep sides provide a challenge both up and down, and with many different routes up and down you can easily loose a few hours.

I go up there in all sorts of conditions, so decided to capture the changing seasons (and weather) by standing on a hill opposite - Dumfoyn - and taking a picture in the same spot every month. The photo looks North to the Summit of Dumgoyne, with Loch Lomond, Conic Hill and Ben Lomond to the North.

It was a simple project, not difficult to achieve, but one I really enjoyed, and one that made me appreciate the changing seasons, my waterproof jacket and the hills closest to home.

Ed. - Simple projects for the win, eh?

You can find more of Will's images on his Instagram page.

Ed standing in top of Dumgoyne

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