The best ways to eat nut butter from a jar

How to introduce good fats and flavour into your daily diet

Nut butter is such a good addition to other snacks and meals, it's too good to limit to plain old toast.

The healthy fats content, variety of nutrients (type of nut dependant) as well as protein and fiber mean that a portion of nut butter adds the extra energy and flavour active people need to stay energised throught-out the day.

Our nut butter range is palm oil free*, gluten free and vegan friendly.

*that's why you'll get a nice layer of oil on top when you open a fresh jar - a 30 second dig and stir soon sorts that out

1: Shakes

These have become my favourite way to add nut butter to my breakfast / morning routine - the deep nutty taste, glossy smooth texture and the fact it takes about 30 seconds to make.

Try this:
1 x ripe banana
1 x dollop of your favourite nut butter
1 x small handful of oats
As much oat (or other) milk to get the thickness of shake you like

Blended in your household blending device, perfect if you're in a rush and need to drink on the move. These are great after exercise too when you're looking to replensish some calories and get some protien in to aid recovery.

2: Next-Level Flapjacks

We can't condone making your own snack bars too often but it doesn't hurt if you're using some OP nut butter in the mix ;)

We've been using nut butter to bind together raw (no bake) flapjack balls for event feedstops for ages - they're incredibly moreish. It's a good way to make flapjack vegan, if you replace dairy butter with nut butter.

Nut butter brownies are good too but that's for another article!

3: Porridge & Overnight Oats

Now we're into the serious stuff - a staple of outdoors nutrition. Cooked at home before a big day out, on a camp stove or in a remote bothy, porridge has been powering adventures since forever.

Keeping your toppings healthy needn't compromise on taste; nut butter can add all the flavour as well as some extra calories and slow burning energy that'll help you feel fuller for longer and avoid a mid morning energy dip.

Topping combos are endless but some in-house favs are Hazelnut + Cacao with chopped apple and walnut and Almond, Date + Sea Salt with chopped banana.

4. Noodles

A couple of our more savoury nut butters can form the base of a sensational satay sauce; creamy, nutty and salty with only a few extra ingredients needed.

There's a full recipe here for spicy satay nut butter noodles as an easy evening meal at home or something to try on your camp stove out the back of the van in a remote lay-by somewhere...

5. Toast (& Pancakes)

Saving the most obvious 'til last, right? We love toast - the ultimate vessel.

Combining nut butter with classic toppings like jam, marmite, honey and fruit is a perfect way to balance out what you're eating first thing in the morning and fuel you through to toast round two... and three. Did we mention we love toast?