What to pack for the Peak Divide

Mandatory kit list and 'nice-to-haves' for multi-day trail running...

Words by Tom Reynolds, Photos by Stefan Amato

Peak Divide is resolutely not a race.

We’ve been harping on about it from the start. Regardless of the r-word, it’s still a long way from Manchester to Sheffield, so you’re going to need half decent legs and to give a bit of thought about what you're bringing with you.

We – Luke, Stef and Tom – have made the journey from the Second City* to the Steel City on foot twice now. We’ve experienced everything from incredible bluebird days to bitter, boggy ones so between us have come up with a list of mandatory, nice-to-haves and outright luxuries.

We won’t be ferreting through your running pack at the start line to check you have a compass and whistle, but it can get pretty wild on the top of the Peak when it wants to, so please do make sure the mandatory items are in there.


This is presuming you’ll turn up to the start in Manchester in footwear suitable for trail running (a right mix of on and off road in this case) and your favourite running outfit. On top of that you'll need:

Mobile Phone Fully charged + signed up to Peak Divide WhatsApp group.

Power Bank It's vital you can stay in touch with us, check maps and are able to contact emergency services if needs be. This could be shared between pairs.

Navigation Device This can be your phone, a dedicated watch or paper maps but you will have to navigate at somepoint.

Head Torch Sunset on 1st April '23 is 19.42 ;) but hopefully this will just be for around camp...

Hat and Gloves Invaluable if you have to stop for something unplanned

Emergency Foil Blanket or Bivvy Bag

Lightweight Insulated Jacket

Waterproof Jacket

Water Bottles/Bladder Enough capacity to carry 0.5 to 1 litre

Running snacks For inbetween feedstops

6-12L Vest/Pack To carry all of the above in


Running poles

Personal Care Kit: Tissues-Wipes / Compeed / Sudocrem. This could be in your overnight bag, but a portable version did our Tom a solid on the descent into Sheffield when blisters came calling.

Waterproof trousers If the forecast looks ominous...

Camp Mug and Spork Peak Divide is a Trash Free Trails Gold standard event so those with their own mugs and cutlery are well recieved at feeds and basecamp.

Doggo friend(s)

Your Tesco Clubcard (for Gee Cross) 


→ Hip flask

→ Sketchbook - you've got all day, remember.

 Selfie stick

→ Picnic blanket


What makes the Peak Divide unique is the overnight aspect and the luggage transfer on offer. So, the second part of your packing jigsaw is what to put in your overnight bag.

There will be a van at the start in Manchester that will transport said bags to the campsite at Edale. Note, we’re a small event, with small vans so think UK city break, not gap year in South America.

Unless you're down to rent one from us you'll need a tent, sleeping mat and a sleeping bag. Pillows are allowed! A warm set of clothes will be WONDERFUL once you’ve had a hot shower at Divide Basecamp and if you want a full change of running gear for day two, stick that in too. Campsite washroom kit rinsers/reusers also welcome.

Remember we’re going to feed and water you on Saturday night and Sunday morning so no stoves or chimineas please.

In summary: Pack light, travel far (with a little help from the luggage transfer van), but don’t forget it could easily p*** down when you’re over 2000 feet up Kinder Scout with 40km in your legs...

Official Route

Below is the Official 2023 route that we're perfected over the last 12 months. Please use this for reference and planning.

**Please only use the GPX files we're sending out on email for navigation**

Day one Feed Stop: 26km

Day two Feed Stop: 13km


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