Almond, Date & Sea Salt Nut Butter Sachet


One of the first two nut butters we launched and our undisputed best seller.

The perfect balance of sweet and salty that you crave during long days out and taste fatigue is setting in. An instant classic on it's own, often used to elevate pre-adventure porridge to another level.

Our nut butter sachets offer a highly portable 200kcal that tastes incredible and allows you to top up with something that isn't sickly sweet when you're burning more fat than carbs and need to keep things steady. Like all our snacks, the wrapper is home compostable.

Avaialble as:
Single 32g Sachet
8 x 32g Sachet (Pre-packed)

Ingredients: Almonds (80.2%), Dates (10%), Coconut Oil,Sea Salt (0.8%)

Per 100 G PER 32 G
Energy / kJ 2389.6 765
Energy / kcal 572.8 183
Fat 49.1 15.7
of which saturates 10.9 3.5
Fatty acids Monounsaturated 25.8 8.3
Fatty Acids Polyunsaturated 10 3.2
Carbohydrate 14.1 4.5
of which sugars 10.3 3.3
Fibre 10.4 3.3
Protein 17.3 5.5
Salt 0.81 0.26