Hazelnut & Cacao Nut Butter Sachet


This nut butter is special. Paying homage to a much loved hazelnut nut spread, but updated to be all natural, palm oil free and vegan. If you've got a sweeter tooth or like chocolatey snacks, this one is for you.

The high hazelnut content make it smoother than a smooth thing. Velvety hazelnuts, slight cacao bitterness, balanced out with vanilla and a deep sweetness from coconut sugar. The next generation of outdoor snacking.

Our nut butter sachets offer a highly portable 200kcal that tastes incredible and allows you to top up with something that isn't sickly sweet when you're burning more fat than carbs and need to keep things steady. Like all our snacks, the wrapper is home compostable.

Ingredients: Hazelnut (77%), Coconut Sugar, Cacao Powder (5%), Coconut Oil, Vanilla Powder, Sea Salt

PER 100G PER 32G
Energy / kj 2516 805
Energy / kcal 608 195
Fat / g 54.0 17.3
Of which saturates / G 8.6 2.8
Monounsaturates / G 37.5 12.0
Polyunsaturates / G 5.0 1.6
Carbohydrate / g 17.0 5.4
Of which sugars / g 12.0 3.8
Fibre / g 6.9 2.2
Protein / g 12.0 3.8
Salt / g 1.0 0.32