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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ related to delivery / postage.
How much is shipping?
Can I get quicker delivery than second class?
How long will my Outdoor Provisions order take to come?
Where do you ship to?


FAQ related to packaging.
Is your packaging plastic free?

All Natural Energy Bars

FAQ related to our product, including ingredients, dietary requirements and nutrition.
Are the All Natural Energy Bars vegan?
Are your bars dairy free?
Do your bars contain nuts?
Are Outdoor Provisions All Naural Energy Bars gluten free?
What do you mean by minimally processed?
Where are they made?
What do you mean by balanced energy release?


Questions about the ordering process.
Do I need to sign up to buy your products?
Do you offer a subscription service?
What payment types do you accept?
How quickly will you process my order?


Questions about subscriptions.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Can I change the frequency, amount or flavour of my subscription?
How will my subscription be shipped?
What are the subscriber perks?
Do I need an account to subscribe?