Why we're here to buck things up

Born on a bikepacking trip

Long story short, OP was born on a bikepacking trip back in 2018 when a dissatisfaction with what existed met an unwillingness to let it be.

We decided it was time someone bucked the tiresome traditions of inedible, stomach bothering, plastic wrapped energy snacks and tried a bit harder.

So here we are pedalling, scrambling and splashing into a more considered, brighter and much tastier future for the provision of food outdoors.

Let’s take this outside ✌️

Our OG energy bar



Our stories from outside. From bikepacking, to rivertrekking to through hiking with a focus on low impact exploring in the UK.

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Raptor Persecution

We're a 1% for the planet member, with all profits from our Raptor Pin badge going towards ending crimes against birds of prey.