how it started


It was somewhere amongst not showering for 5 days, rolling around in bivvy bags and shouting kaa kaaaw everytime we saw a majestic bird of prey that Outdoor Provisions was born.

In 2018 we spent a good bit of the 600km of the Second City Divide bemoaning just how bad we felt most energy snacks were.

buck you, tradition!

From terrible...

Hang on, aren't there long-standing traditions to uphold here?

Energy snacks should be almost inedible, plastic wrapped and only for consumption on some windswept summit where your senses are fleetingly numbed, no?

Texture should be somewhere between clay and sawdust, with one recommended every 97.3 seconds to keep you going harder, faster, stronger to the next available bushes you'll be desperate to relieve your cramping stomach in.

The things those bushes have seen.

Our OG energy bar
Our mission tasty

Well, we’re unsubscribing from that and going against the grain with energy snacks that actually taste nice. Shocking, eh?

We've developed home compostable wrappers and designed a range of snacks for easy on-the-move consumption and digestion; the bushes are safe once again.

The problem now is deploying enough self-control to make it out the door before stuffing one into your face.

how it's going

The Future of energy snacking

So here we are, forging our own way whilst remaining fiercely low impact and with a new promise...

Dependable Portable Tasty

Strap in as we jog, ride and scramble into the future of outdoor snacking with 3% headtorch battery and a raging headwind. Liberated from the confines of tradition but full of energy.

Let’s take this outside.
Christian & Luke




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Raptor Persecution

We're a 1% for the planet member, with all profits from our Raptor Pin badge going towards ending crimes against birds of prey.