Our All Natural Energy Bars

Energy bars that actually taste nice

No mucky ingredients, flavours inspired by classic foods from national parks. Packing a decent amount of energy into a small package, all enclosed in a home compostable wrapper. Dependable, portable, tasty.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Genuinely some of the most delicious bars I've taken on a run with me. And easy on the stomach too which is important to me. I wish them all the best!
— Alex Higham
Customer reviews
Genuinely taste great. Like when you’re near the end of a long day of activity (cycling in my case) and you start thinking of all the food you want to refuel with, eating an OP bar actually gives you that satisfaction of eating something proper. They’re ace.

Bonus points, as a long term IBS sufferer they seem to be kind to my stomach too. Result.
— Stephen Turner
Customer reviews
Love my tasty bars from outdoor provisions , especially the bara brith! Perfect for taking on runs and hikes.
— Amy G


We love to faff, but not when it comes to food. Our no-nonsense snackscription service is here to make things easier. All-natural energy delivered to your door or desk so you’re never without.