Our Nut Butter Jars

Bigger pots for in the home or van

With the sachets proving a taste sensation there was strong demand for bigger portions. Here you can see all our nut butter jar sachet flavours, including ingredients, allergen and nutritional info.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Less is more
Having had the sachets, the jars are another level for round the house hunger management
It’s becoming a daily ritual & highlight
— James Mackeddie
Customer reviews
Love the jars, now I can have my favorite flavours at home and in the van and save my sachets for adventures.
— Katie Edwards

Jar Mixed Packs

We do a handy jar mixed pack, it contains 4 jars, one of each flavour (except Peanut, Almond & Sea Salt). So you cupboard can be stocked with delciousness at all times.