more fresh air, less faff

Our super flexible snackscription service

Running late? Scrabbling around for something to shove in your pocket? Cue detour to the local corner shop. Oh, you’ve forgotten your wallet? And it’s raining. Hello wet hangry bonk an hour from now.

We love to faff, but not when it comes to food. Our no-nonsense snackscription service is here to make things easier. All-natural energy delivered to your door or desk so you’re never without.

how a snackscription makes life easier

What do you want?

When do you want them?
'In convenient instalments so I don't run out!'

How do you want them?
'As cheap as possible, you scoundrels!'


We hear you. Christian is always making little excel formulas to work out how to get you the best value. He particularly hates the idea of you paying for postage instead of snacks, so he's created these bundles:

How to never pay for postage

Postage is free over £35, we created these bundles specifically to give you the best value and to never pay postage.

Looking for a deep custom snackscription?

If these bundles dont float your boat, if you want nut butter jars or some special combos like the examples below then just click this button to see EVERYTHING that is available on subscription.


My mate dave

Dave has decided the Cherry & Almond and Date & Ginger bars are his fav.

He gets a 16 pack of each flavour (that's 32 in total maths fans) every 60 days. Dave gets free delivery and only the bars he likes.

Dave was a bit skint last month so just hit pause on his delivery and wasn't charged a penny. Nice one Dave.

Woman eating an Outdoor Provisions energy bar

Variety Vee

Vee wants a bit of everything to keep her energy up.

She goes for a mixed 16 pack of bars and a mixed 16 pack of nut butter's every 30 days.

She's going to Wales in June, so adds an extra 8 pack of the Bara Brith inspired Orange & Tea ones just for that month, clever Val.

Nut butter betty

Betty is training for an ultra marathon and eats a lot of nut butter.

She likes the coffee one best, so gets a 16 pack of that and an 8 pack of the date, almond & sea salt one, every 30 days.

She hits pause for the month after the race whilst she eats pies and isn't charged anything.