Fresh-Air-Head Things Nalgene Water Bottle


Wide Mouth Nalgene water bottle with our Fresh-air-head things inspired design.

Rare mountain hares. Jetties to jump off. Waking up in a sleeping bag. Trusty trig points. Foraged fruit finds. The markings on a brown trout. Stars. Giant ladder stiles over dry stone walls. Foxgloves in July. Kestrels hovering. Rhythmic waves. Being nice, saying hi. Perfectly placed tree stumps. Mountains of the mind. Fresh-air-head things.


- 1 Litre capacity (we recommend Vimto)

- 50% certified recycled content.

- Iconic, indestructible and lightweight.

- BPA/BPS free.


Two colours:

Aubergine with Dark Berry cap

Clear with Azure/Cyan/Lemon cap


Get either colour filled with Outdoor Provisions (8 pieces)