Nut Butter Jar
Peanut, Almond & Sea Salt

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Weight: 256g • Energy:
Vegan, Gluten Free, No Refined Sugars
Slow burn energy from good fats
Recycled ocean plastic jar
Fast shipping in recycled packaging
Keeping it extra simple with an ingredients list of just peanuts, almonds, coconut oil and sea salt it's one for the purists. Not yet available in sachets.
Ingredients & Nutrition

Peanuts (75%), Almonds (19%), Coconut Oil, Sea Salt (1%)

For allergens see ingredients in BOLD
May contain other nuts and sesame.
May contain small pieces of shell from nuts.

per 100g per 32g
Energy / kJ 2489 796
Energy / kcal 595 190
Fat 51.3 16.4
of which saturates 9.4 3.0
Fatty acids Monounsaturated 26.9 8.6
Fatty Acids Polyunsaturated 12.4 4.0
Carbohydrate 15.5 5.0
of which sugars 9.2 2.9
Fibre 6.5 2.1
Protein 21.9 7.0
Salt 0.14 0.04

32 g is one sachet or a suggested serving from a jar.

Eco-friendly packaging

These jars are made from prevented ocean plastic; collected from coastal areas where it would likely end up in the ocean if not collected for recycling. For us, this means maximising the life span of plastic that has already been created, stopping it from reaching the ocean and offering a light and durable jar that can be recycled 3-4 times. It goes without saying, virgin plastic would never be for us.

Aluminium lids can be recycled infinitely and we don't stick anything to them. Our labels are paper based too.

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