Snackscription Only Bundles

£36.00 £40.50
Our best value provisions
Only available on subscription
FREE fast shipping in recyclable packaging
Real food, Vegan, No Refined Sugars
Home compostable wrappers
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What do you want?

When do you want them?
'In convenient instalments so I don't run out!'

How do you want them?
'As cheap as possible, you scoundrels!'


We hear you. Christian is always making little excel formulas to work out how to get you the best value. He particularly hates the idea of you paying for postage instead of snacks, so he's created these bundles

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Bought the starter pack and loved them all, some more than others. Took them on a fantastic hike into Knoydart and they helped boost my energy levels. And I was able to compost the wrapping when I got home 😁
— Alison W [on Trustpilot]
Coffee, Almond and Cashew Nut Butter Sachet
Customer reviews
The best energy bars for outdoors activity.
I love these energy bars. Tasty flavours, swift delivery, good ethical principles
— G Wilson [on Trustpilot]
Ali P doing a hand stand and Latrigg
Customer reviews
Love the nut butters. Amazing to have fast, packable food, that tastes good and is healthy.
— Jack [on Trustpilot]
Cyclists pushing bikes through river